World War 2 History in Ten Mile Bank

Recent mowing of the riverbank, north of the bridge, by the moorings has uncovered a relic of WW2

The partially buried drum of concrete is 4ft (1.22m) high and 3ft (0.9m) wide and is the mounting

for a 29mm Spigot Mortar or "Blacker Bombard"


                                                                                             Picture Copyright:                                                                                     Picture Copyright: Imperial War Museum

As the archive photograph shows, it was a Home Guard anti-tank or anti-personnel weapon, positioned to defend the bridge in the event of an enemy invasion from the East Coast

It was set in a pit for the protection of the crew and had a range of about 400 yds (365m)

Some sources described it as inaccurate, slow and difficult to operate

Fortunately it never had to see action


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