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A brief outline 

Hilgay Feoffee Charity was founded by the will of the Reverend Nicholas Spencer in 1701 and was regulated by a scheme of the Charity Commissioners in 1871. Until recently, it consisted of two separate registered charities – Hilgay United Charities (No. 208898) and the Hilgay Educational Foundation (No. 311169).

In 2017, at the request of the Trustees, the Charity Commission merged the two charities to be run as one consolidated entity – Hilgay United Charities (No. 208898), with annual returns made to the Charity Commission. These can be found online at:


The income of the Charity is derived from land rents, the hire of moorings on the River Wissey and funds invested in the Charities Official Investment Fund. No external fund-raising is carried out. In the original documentation, payments out of income were to include….

“The cost of repairs and insurance and all other charges and outgoings payable in respect of the property of the Charity”

“….educational purposes….after payment of proper outgoings and expenses of management….”

“....putting out as apprentices … poor deserving boys and girls….”

“….the benefit of the poor of the Ancient Parish of Hilgay….for the supply of coal…”

“….the provision and maintenance of any Town Hall, Reading Room or Library….for the use or benefit of the inhabitants of the said Ancient Parish….”

These original requirements are now interpreted as:

The maintenance of all Charity land and property in good order 

The provision of grants to both village schools to purchase additional items such as books, computers and play equipment

The provision of grants to local people to purchase books or equipment for apprenticeships, further education and training
Donations to local residents to assist with fuel purchase in the winter months

The running and maintenance of Hilgay and Ten Mile Bank Village Halls

Provision of occasional grants for community projects 

The running of the Village Halls is dependent upon the efforts of a group of volunteers who give freely of their time to provide these facilities for the benefit of the community. Their work is greatly appreciated by the Trustees.

The Charity operates solely within the Parish of Hilgay with Ten Mile Bank. Its work is overseen by a body of ten Trustees, who meet three times a year. There are currently six Trustees from Hilgay and four from Ten Mile Bank. Four of the Trustees are also Parish Councillors. The Charity is administered by the Clerk. The current Chairman is Mr Brian Charlesworth, the Vice-Chairman is Mr Colin Wills and the Clerk is Mr Anthony Hall.

here for the charity's latest available annual report

Email: hilgay.feoffees@aol.com



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